​​The Una Tribe of Mixed-Bloods


Currently, we have the support of Oregon's House Majority Leader, Rep. Val Hoyle, as well as Senator Jeffrey A. Merkley, of Oregon, and Mayor Kitty Piercy, of Eugene, OR.


We are currently not recognized federally or by state; however, House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 16 in the Oregon House of Representatives is a bill to recognize our tribe within the State of Oregon.


No. We are a Native American Mixed-Blood Tribe; the mixed-blood descendants of Native Americans.

frequently asked questions, answered!

How many members do you have enrolled? And does it cost to become a member?

Currently, we have 1,036 Enrolled Members (EM's), but we continue to grow daily with people sending their applications in as well as their good wishes and amazing support. 

Enrollment is 100% free with no surprises. We even do ancestry work for free for our enrolled members. Once you're a member, your spouse and all of your descendants will automatically gain membership if your records are up to date with new births and deaths.

When was the tribe started?

Originally, the tribe was called the Nwambu People, but in 2013 our Council unanimously agreed to change our name to that of the Una Tribe of Mixed-Bloods. We were formed on January 01, 2009 by who our tribe calls the "Four Founders".

do you have a reservation?

Not at the moment; however, we are planning on starting to build one in the near future.

is this tribe legal?

In the United States, we are a protected class, because we are a minority and because President Barack Obama signed the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 

as well as the fact that in America, the land of the free, we have the right to form a group.

what is your purpose?

To shed some light in a sometimes dark world, for people alike to come together and form a bond and place to do sacred rights as well as to have a "home" for our people.